The Legend of Stromboli Porcellino

The Search for Stromboli Porcellino Continues....

In the city of Florence, visitors to the market find Il Porcellino to put a coin into the boar's gaping jaws, with the intent of letting it fall through the underlying grating for good luck. They also rub the boar's snout to ensure return to Florence, which has kept the snout in a state of polished sheen while the rest of the boar's body has aged to a dull brownish-green.


The boar that adorns the Stromboli Inn's web page and menu is an illustration of a small statue the Tudda's were given as a gift many years ago. Like Il Porcellino in Florence, the Stromboli Porcellino was also meant to bring visitors to the Stromboli Inn good luck and bid them safe return to the restaurant.


Unfortunately, the original Stromboli Porcellino met with a sticky end while the new location was under construction. The search continues for a replacement. If you find the statue of a boar in your travels, please let us know where we can find it!

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