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January 2014

Mile High Pizza Pie

Stromboli Inn - the place for pizza in the 1980s and '90s, in hiatus for the past decade - returns to a small renovated Bridgeland house with it's thick, delicate, double-proofed pizza crust and robust sauce. This pizza's loaded with premium toppings - chicken with roasted peppers, pear with gorgonzola, even ham and pineapple - and takes a half-hour to bake. For those tired of thin crusts, Stromboli is back, baby!

Number 13 in Top 20 for 2013!

December 2013

Top 20 Restuarants for 2013

Calgary's most popular pizza of the 1980s makes a comeback in a small Bridgeland location. No thin crust here, this is weighty pizza.


- John Gilchrist, Calgary Herald,

Top 20 Restuarants for 2013.

Stromboli Inn Founder Legacy

January 2006

Stromboli Inn founder left tasty, Italian legacy

Jesse Semko - Calgary Herald -

One of Calgary's famed restauranteurs is being remembered as a man whose popular eateries served  up not only food, but friendship.

Guiseppe (Joe) Tudda, who died Friday at 62, was known for his outgoing and social nature.

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